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Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Lights, Camera, Action!

This morning, while surfing, listened to Ria 89.7FM and there was this segment called "ACTION" by Hafeez Glamour. Found out that its only on every Wed where callers are encouraged to participate by immitating/re-enact a scene from well-remembered films eg. P Ramlee films and etc.. Then callers will call-in to vote for their favourite and the winner will get to request for their fave song.(is that all?)..so before it went on air, they played this montage of previous participants with their acting.. i broke a smile and waited for the 1st participant. Then this Mbak called in to act out a scene from some Indon Sinetron.(in which I don't know of).I can't relate to anything that the MBak said..maybe its becuz I don't know the sinetron in which she re-enacted..and so Hafeez waited for another caller..Few minutes later,..there's still none...Guess what?..I picked up the fone and dialled in. (What on EARTH was I thinking!)..and it was immediately answered!..surprise2..he got my particulars and told him that ANA wud be doing a scene from 'MASAM MASAM MANIS'

..then,...while waiting for his que, i managed to msg hub who's at his office and asked him to tune in..then,..i was on air...blah..blah..blah...and got the most votes!..hehe..as for the song?...mmm..what else but my fave KEKASIH GELAPKU....(for you, sayang!)
Next stop,..want to do scenes from other P Ramlee films...camera ready?...ACTION!

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