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Sunday, 16 March 2008

Saturday Nite Fever

nope....not the movie...but the fever itself....fever from Thurs nite to be exact...went up and down,goes on and off ..faster than a roller coaster ride....Doctor?...no need...it'll go away...maybe it's due to the wet weather that we've been having plus the fatigue that i had lately. Can't keep complaining though.. Hujan Rahmat...A gift from God.Still,..felt miserable, with the turn of 'events' that happened. It was quite a week for me. However, I chose not to divulge any. Let's just say, behind every dark cloud lies a silver lining and I believe and I DO WANT to believe that I will get right through this 'rain' and shall wait for the sunshine all over again..and for us to get that first glimpse of sunrise, we should brace ourself for the darkest state of the sky before the rising of dawn...(dalam tu makna nya ..)

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