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Sunday, 17 February 2008

Ngo Oi Lei !..(find a cantonese friend to translate this)

1st..i must say that i didn't sleep well..hv been up since 3am plus, i think...don't ask me why..coz i don't know..my damn eyes just wouldn't shut and my mind keep venturing into a horizon-less realm...

anyway,..what i'm about to say will make the man of my life wanna puke..but i'm gonna say it anyway... i love Stephen Chow..since 1983... no time to tell it all but yesterday nite i managed to watch his latest flick, CJ7..

i don't wanna waste time writing up the synopsis of the movie. Neither do i want to be a spoiler. What i'm interested to say is that it made me laugh till i wanna pee,...AND at the same time,...made my heart palpate to hold back my tears...yes,..it made me laugh and cry at the same time..and i could only do that thru his movie,...besides the 70s "Sayang Anakku Sayang"..

it made me marvel at the talented young boy who played the role of his son. Where on earth did they discover him from?..Great job...An award for him, perhaps? I wouldn't wanna compromise about Stephen's acting. He was superb - as always. At 46, he still charms me with his silver grey streaked hair and that boyish look on his face is now the gaze of a much mature man, in which his nickname now in the industry is "Grandmaster" - a title he's most deserving to don.

the plot was SO simple, it will pass the minds of ordinary folks as just another movie...but for a mind like mine - it went deep.
It screamed the essence of the bond between father and son, integrity, honour, affection, trust and love.....camouflaged in a sci-fi, heavily-CGIed, animated cover story

Many of u would associate Stephen as the face of Comedy but he's also a gifted serious actor (check out his accolades comprising of best actor and director)...and therefore, i love him not just because he made me laugh,..but also because he can crumble me down to my last tear..all in that cute old 'kemek' face..

i wanted to cry real loud in one particular scene but held back, coz i knew i wud be mocked at..i dun get it...people who actually shed tears in movies are continuously being labelled and judged as super sensitive and are showered with mockings and jeers...Why?..just because we happen to HAVE a heart?..Come on...that's why we have tear ducts, people!..(made me remember my Ayah)

Anyways..i seriously think that this movie is a good one, if not the best. It didn't take a whole village of actors to sum up a sobbing scene - all it took was a young son, his father, and a WHOLE lot of love...

To all Stephen Chow fans - u will enjoy this one, just like u did the rest..

Seng Zhai, ngo oi lei!!


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